5.0 completed on November 5, 2018

Reviewed by Leah W. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Arlington, VA
The entire team made our loan process simple and easy to understand. Thanks to all for the hard work!

4.0 completed on October 27, 2018

Reviewed by Monica S. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Annapolis, MD
Easy process. Fast turnaround. Good advice.

5.0 completed on October 24, 2018

Reviewed by Heidi T. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Bethesda, MD
Tom was a pleasure! He was attentive, informative, and reassuring! We would highly recommend him!

5.0 completed on October 8, 2018

Reviewed by Shane M. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Washington, DC
Tom and his team (especially Rebecca) were amazing to work with. This wasn't the simplest of mortgages and they were right there with us the entire time. I can't say enough about how supportive they were in making a complex process simple.

5.0 completed on October 2, 2018

Reviewed by Arnold A. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Bethesda, MD
The people

5.0 completed on October 1, 2018

Reviewed by John B. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Rockville, MD
Our questions were answered promptly. We liked the convenience of electronic signing. The staff were responsive and helpful.

5.0 completed on September 29, 2018

Reviewed by Doron D. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Rockville, MD
Tom answered all my emailed questions clearly and concisely, and he was easy to reach. He facilitated the process so that I was able to qualify for a mortgage loan without any problem. Thank you, Tom!

4.5 completed on September 19, 2018

Reviewed by Michael O. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Bethesda, MD
Tom is an honest guy and an excellent communicator.

4.8 completed on September 8, 2018

Reviewed by Jacob M. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Boyds, MD
The entire team, especially Joe Dawson, were great to work with. We were filing as two people just before our wedding. My fiancé owns her own business and I am an independent consultant on 10-99 pay. Even with those complicated financial situation, the team helped us get to the finish line without any issues. Joe even showed up at settlement. Great people to work with.

5.0 completed on September 5, 2018

Reviewed by Peggy A. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Potomac, MD
Tom and Rebecca were amazing! Many thanks for your guidance and patience throughout the entire process.

5.0 completed on August 31, 2018

Reviewed by Stanley T. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Silver Spring, MD
Joe Dawson and Rebecca Call were absolutely fantastic. We asked for a quick settlement and they delivered big time. Thank you!

5.0 completed on August 18, 2018

Reviewed by Katherine C. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Washington, DC
Joe was awesome!

5.0 completed on August 17, 2018

Reviewed by Anita P. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Rockville, MD
Very prompt service. Explanations were clear. Quick settlement.

5.0 completed on August 6, 2018

Reviewed by Alain M. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

North Potomac, MD
Thank you!

4.2 completed on August 2, 2018

Reviewed by Hao-Fong H. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Greenbelt, MD

5.0 completed on August 2, 2018

Reviewed by Amy H. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Greenbelt, MD
From start to finish dealing with the Prosperity team was great. They were available, answered questions and processed our quick turnout purchase faster than we could do through our credit union. We got a great rate and are happy buyers.

5.0 completed on July 31, 2018

Reviewed by Zachary B. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Annapolis, MD
Joe Dawson was wonderful. He was very responsive and helpful throughout the process. My wife and I each just bought our first home, and he really helped make sense of the whirlwind.

4.8 completed on July 30, 2018

Reviewed by Alan D. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Potomac, MD
Very solid support and help from prosperity

4.5 completed on July 29, 2018

Reviewed by Rachel D. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Potomac, MD
They matched a rate we obtained from another lender. Loan closed on time.

5.0 completed on July 11, 2018

Reviewed by Dipen P. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Bethesda, MD
I had a great experience from start to end, and would definitelyrecommend them

5.0 completed on July 5, 2018

Reviewed by Angel S. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Potomac, MD
All the interaction with Joseph Dawson was great. Joe helped us a lot and we would like to thank him for everything!! We will surely recommend Prosperity Home Mortgage to our colleagues at the World Bank and at Montgomery College.

5.0 completed on June 15, 2018

Reviewed by John H. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Washington, DC
Tom and his team were extremely thorough, responsive, and helpful. We had a great experience, and I couldn't recommend them highly enough!

5.0 completed on June 13, 2018

Reviewed by Robert Y. for Thomas B. O'Keefe

Fairfax, VA
Joe Dawson was great to work with.

Glen S.

Tom O'Keefe and his Team excel at keeping everyone in the loop, all while plowing through the loan process. Equally as important, they respond quickly. Too often in the past have I received complaints from my buyer-clients that their loan officer had not responded in a timely fashion. Tom does respond and that is what keeps our clients at ease.


Raymonda and Jason Y.

It is with deep gratitude we wish to express thanks to Prosperity Home Mortgage for your help in securing a loan for our new house. We would like to particularly thank Mr. Dawson who is organized and diligent in communicating with us which made all of the difference! His patience as well as treating us as more than merely a customer has made the purchase a positive experience.


Nava T.

Dear Tom and Team,

I truly appreciate your help. Without your help this deal would have collapsed. I can assure you that, next time I will work with buyers, I will strongly recommend they work with you and the Prosperity team. I have two out of two success stories that would not have settled if not for your help.


Damian B.

Tom, thank you and your team so much for the excellent help you provided to a young client of mine recently. I knew that I could leave him in the hands of caring and courteous professionals as you all are. He was amazed that you could give him such excellent rates, go through the process very quickly, and enabled him to go to settlement a week early! It was seamless.


Eve P.

My sincere gratitude to you and the staff who supported my purchase. I think the hardest part is the realization that our paths diverge after the final purchase. You feel like family -- always treating me well, with respect, patience and kindness. I shall never forget your character and will recommend your services with every opportunity. For me personally, I will be back again in about ten years, so stay healthy and safe. Plan to be there for me again! At the end of the day, it is really never about the money, it is always about how we treat each other.


Mike and Nancy S.

Sarah Beason, Tom O’Keefe, and their team from Prosperity Home Mortgage are amazing. We’ve worked with them several times over the past 5 years and every experience has been top notch. We had to move quickly on our recent purchase and they went above and beyond to accommodate our aggressive closing schedule. Sarah proposed many options for interest rates and walked us through the choices, so that we clearly understood the benefits of each. After locking in a great rate, their excellent communication and understanding of our needs left us feeling relaxed and comfortable throughout the process. I highly recommend Sarah and the team and look forward to working with them again.


Matthew I.

Joe and the Prosperity team were brilliant. He and Prosperity Home Mortgage distinguished themselves from competing lenders both with low rates and incredible service. I assumed a local lender wouldn't be able to compete with big banks, but I'm incredibly glad to have found Joe and Prosperity!


Andrew and Natalie E.

My wife and I are grateful to The O’Keefe Team for two big reasons: First, they quickly identified that we could save tens of thousands of dollars over the course of our mortgage -- and could also reduce our monthly payment -- by refinancing. Second, Joe and his team made the refinancing process itself really easy, working around our busy schedules to get all the paperwork done in a timely fashion. We're very pleased with the level of service we received from Prosperity Home Mortgage and the O’Keefe Team.


Diana W. and Denise S.

Dear Sarah, what is it like to help to make people’s dreams come true?Thank you!!!

My wife and I feel so incredibly blessed today. Thank you for helping us to buy our first home in Maryland. Sarah, you were a dream to work with the whole time. You answered all of my questions, you were amazingly responsive and you were so very kind and thorough.

We are so very grateful and feel very fortunate today and we wanted you to know how thankful we are.
Dreams can come true…thanks to people like you!

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